Press and Reviews for Gut Bucket Radio Album

The Blues and Roots Music Blog:

"Bert Wray Blues bring you their vintage style blues on this 8 track release that is raw, rootsy and a whole lot of fun to listen to. The passion for the blues comes out from all 3 members and their playing is nothing short of professional without the need to be flashy about it. Just down to earth with a nod to the blues artists from the past and quality songwriting to match. Favorite tracks are 'I Got the Tennessee Blues,' 'Little Highway Girl' and 'Midwood Blues.'"

Sunday Night Blues Project:

"They play a tight, yet loose-limbed music together that is blues, and folk, and rock 'n roll and country all at once. It is also utterly captivating. There are no weak songs here, no lame-o guitar wanking, nothing that makes me reach for the remote to hit "skip." Just fine music, honestly made by real human musicians who love to play. "

Blurt Magazine Online:

"They cook up a good ol’ greasy cauldron of slide-guit boogie and down ‘n’ dirty blooze. Gut Bucket Radio, as a title, is instructive. Right from the get-go, with the slinky harmonica-and-slide-powered “Midwood Blues,” that band serves notice it’s willing and able to slot into classic electric 12-bar mode while still bringing a contemporary twist to the music."

Press for Hometown Hostage

The Blues and Roots Music Blog:

"This 2nd album release by Bert Wray Blues combines clever lyrics with a poetic story-telling vibe about the trials and tribulations of hometown life. The 8-tracker invites you in and takes you by the hand on a tour of what sounds like a small town but could be anywhere you wish to be. The sound is a very rootsy Americana/alternative-blues rock with some excellent slide guitar by Bert Wray and a well-rounded rhythm section that drives along with an upbeat and positive tempo. Take some time out and have a listen to this outstanding release and enjoy the visit."

The Electric Blues Blog:

"Bert Wray Blues hails from Charlotte , NC where they brew up a cool drink of vintage blues rock. Slide guitar, rumbling bass, and simple drums create a foundation for down-home storytelling about the street-level blues that find us everyday. The band's new album Hometown Hostage (2018) explores the American hometown experience, telling the tales of those who stayed, left, or returned to their hometowns."